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Minecraft Earth has already been downloaded millions of times

In recent weeks, more countries joined the Early Access of the augmented reality title Minecraft Earth. After the launch of the test in the United States, it was revealed that the game already has millions of downloads that come from the select markets in which it is available.

According to information from the market analysis firm Sensor Tower, after 1 week in which it was available in the United States, the augmented reality game achieved more than 1.4 million downloads. This figure includes installations on iOS and Android devices in the markets where the application is available.

During the US premiere week, the application was mostly downloaded by iOS users (73.4%) and ranked number 3 in the App Store download list, while in Google Play it reached position 14 As for income, you should know that it generated $ 93,000 USD, a figure of which was largely due to consumers in the United States (92.8%) and Great Britain (2.7%).

However, the number of downloads is even greater if all downloads are taken into account since it was first available. Thus, in total Minecraft Earth is installed on about 2.5 million mobile devices worldwide.

To put it in context, during his first week, he also focused on an augmented reality experience Harry Potter: Wizards Unite achieved 3.1 million downloads, while the successful Pokémon GO reached an impressive 32.7 million.

We leave you with the Sensor Tower graphic.

Minecraft Earth has already been downloaded millions of times

What do you think about the performance of this augmented reality experience? Did you already give it a chance? Have you spent on the game? Share your answers in the comments.

If you think the game was not available in Mexico, we tell you that you are wrong, because it is one of the markets in which it appeared first. In fact, players from Mexico were able to enjoy the game since October in their Early Access stage.

At the moment it is unknown when Minecraft Earth will be available as a formal launch, but that does not mean you cannot play it in Early Access for free. You can find more news related to the series if you visit this page.

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